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BlueHost Web Hosting

Best hosting for small businesses

$3.49 per month

BlueHost Web Hosting Review

Bluehost hosting company is a well-known web hosting provider that was officially created in the year 1996 and was founded in the year 2003 immediately after the CEO and co-founders Danny Ashworth, and Matt Heaton came on board. It has grown more and more and is becoming one of the known largest providers who are reliable and give cheap web hosting services as well as online cloud based solutions to all customers. This hosting company also provides a wide variety of solutions to individuals who want to get started with their websites eCommerce stores, from web hosting, WordPress and cloud hosting, to website builder tools.

The primary role of Bluehost was to ensure that they develop the perfect possible hosting company. The reason which makes this web hosting company most appealing is that of the reputation for usability as well as affordability. Added incentives like free domains, unlimited emails and marketing credit, make this provider to be much recognized. Let’s read the full review.

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Pros of Using Bluehost Hosting Service

1. Low Introductory Pricing – One of the best known reasons for the massive popularity of Bluehost is due to its low-cost options that are available. It is not the cheapest of all web hosting providers, but its price is good when compared to other hosts.

2. Good Security Options – The security options for Bluehost are good enough, and they offer tools which are vital in combating some of the common known website risks. They also prevent instances whereby some individuals steal other people’s images as well as content.

3. Many Integrations and Apps – The dashboard of BlueHost hosting service is known to come with many applications to enable one to integrate some services such as Google Apps and CloudFlare for the purpose of increasing the possibilities of an individual’s site.

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Hosting Features

* Free domain and site builder

* Unlimited site traffic

* Support is available 24/7

* Industry leading hardware and uptime

* 30 days money back guarantee

* Unlimited disk space

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Control Panel

Bluehost web hosting supplier is also known to provide a control panel that is very user friendly. This control panel is built according to the standards required in the industry. The intuitive UI enables users to manage websites with a lot of ease on their own. It is also full of applications that enable people to integrate a wide variety of different services depending on their needs. It is also very possible to manage emails, domains, databases and also install some important software like Joomla and WordPress simply from the control panel itself.

It also provides a drag-drop that is effective website builder tools such as Weebly or mobile site builders such as goMobi. Additionally, platforms such as WordPress offer a good platform for one to create a website.

Although Bluehost web hosting provider takes automatic backups on a monthly, weekly and daily basis, users can be able to backup their websites manually as well, and also get the opportunity for changing automatic backup frequency to make them suite their pattern from the control panel.

BlueHost Web Hosting

Best hosting for small businesses

$3.49 per month

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Hosting Security

With CloudFlare, this hosting company provides enhanced security features. CloudFlare is said to be more suitable to all webmasters that need SSL for the purpose of ensuring a better security against attacks from DDOS on their website. It is also known to protect malicious attacks such as SQL injection as well as excessive bot crawling.

It also provides hotlink protection and an addition of three anti-spam tools which come in the form of Apache Spam Assassin, Spam Hammer, and Spam Experts. It also allows all users to be able to create and also set filters for both email accounts and users.

Bluehost best hosting company  is also known to empower all its users with a host of some security features such as the protection of directories passwords, manage private keys and digital certificates, potential to create IP address blacklists, Secure Shell Access( SSH) for the purpose of secure admin access to some of the specific configuration files.

Bluehost offers other security features such as:

a. 2 Factor Authentication – One is able to turn this on during any time so as to ensure that there is a provision of additional security when one is accessing his Bluehost account or dashboard. 2- Factor authentication is one of the known greatest steps that can prevent unauthorized access to an individual’s account.

b. Up to 80% off the RRP of SiteLock Products – If an individual is setting up a website for the purpose of business, this company provides a good discount for Sitelock products so as to help both the small or medium size businesses in keeping their sign up pages as well as content secure. Just like CloudFlare, Sitelock is also known to offer a suite of applications and tools to ensure vulnerabilities are kept at bay. Having security for the purpose of protecting your website is believed very much into improving conversion rates.

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BlueHost Hosting Performance

One of key criterion that determines the decision to make a choice for a particular web hosting provider is simply the performance that is delivered in terms of the server uptime and also the speed. There isn’t any single provider who is able to provide 100% uptime due to the fact that servers do go down at least for maintenance operations to take place. What makes the difference is the duration that the expert team takes to bring the server up again. Blue Host claims to have a 99.99% uptime which is also backed up by some customer reviews meaning that this particular feature has been delivered in the right manner.

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BlueHost Pricing


Bluehost offers three different types of plans as follows:

* The basic plan which costs $2.95 per month. This only allows the host of a single website. It hosts one domain and other 25 subdomains, 5 email accounts of 100 MB storage each and 50GB storage.

* The plus plan which costs $5.45 per month. This plan includes unlimited websites that have unlimited web bandwidth and space. One also gets unlimited email accounts.

* The prime plan which is similar to the plus plan in terms of the cost ($5.45 per month). It includes all the features that are in the plus plan and in addition one gets domain privacy and SiteBackup Pro.

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Customer Support

Each and every webmaster hopes to get a good support right from the hosting service provider without any problems or delays. In terms of customer support, Bluehost proves to do the best as compared to other service providers.

The Bluehost web hosting supplier self help part is very comprehensive with numerous articles, blogs and pre-answered queries that are ready to be viewed. Also, if an individual finds it difficult to look for something, they have got a search bar that can filter down to the specific issue based on the query. This self help is much complemented by the YouTube page of Blue Host which explains who it is fully packed with useful tutorials as well as walk throughs.

Bluehost hosting company also offers live chat support which is better in terms of the waiting time for users at different hours of a day. Bluehost also provides technical support via email and phone and also maintains a detailed knowledgebase. It is also possible to reach these experts via social platforms such as twitter or even simply joining the Bluehost community.

Bluehost does not have a ticket based support system. This was brought about by the fact that they eliminated it so as to focus much more on a personal approach of phone and live chat based support.

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Review Summary

To summarize the hosting review – almost all aspects of Bluehost web hosting provider makes it look like a great provider. They have some decent hardware except SSD Storage as well as the latest software. They also have a great upgrade path to VPS, Cloud Sites or Dedicated, and also some special plans for WooCommerce users.

Depending on the different user reviews and also ratings for different aspects of Bluehost as said by customers who have worked with them, one will be able to make the choice of choosing this particular company or one of the others. A budget set by an individual will also determine whether one will choose this hosting provider or not.

BlueHost Web Hosting

Best hosting for small businesses

$3.49 per month

9.1 Total Score
One of The Best Hosts. Great Support

Free '.com' domain. 24/7 technical support. Unlimited traffic, emails. 30-day money-back guarantee. WordPress integration. One-on-one support. Over 2 MILLION websites being hosted worldwide.

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  1. Reply
    Funk June 8, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    Even if a webhost claimed to have 99% uptime, how would you prove that and is it really a selling point today? I love your reviews! I might have to check out BlueHost based on the pricing alone.

  2. Reply
    555777 July 23, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    I like that you talk about the “PROS” for the website hosting company, but why don’t you talk about the bad side of things? I see your rating, but that does not do me any good when I want a specific thing to think about before buying. Thanks!

  3. Reply
    Vitaly F. August 13, 2017 at 8:45 pm

    WOW, the basic plan is so cheap AND you get 25 sub-domains. That is a pretty sweet offer if you ask me.

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