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720P HD: Clarity up to 1280*720 Video at 30fps. 3.6mm lens provides 90 degree wide viewing angle. Extremely fluent live stream and superior clarity of the images giving you a sense of visual enjoyment. Seamlessly Stream Video to your Smartphone, Tablet, Apple Mac or Windows PC.; Easy Setup and Multiple Device Viewing: Download wansview app from App store or google play, power the camera on with included power supply(Note: the camera is NOT battery powered), then connect the camera to 2.4Ghz WiFi(5G WiFi is not supported) or router with included RJ45 cable, add the camera to mobile App, then can view the camera with Wansview App on your phone. Ability to view the camera on different phones(IOS and Android) and PC software.; Waterproof Camera: Waterproof degree up to IP66 and this camera is made of aluminum extremely durable and won't rust. Even in the terrible weather, it can keep a durable and stable operation.; Longer Night Vision: With 36 Infrared LED, night vision up to 67 feet. Long distance makes you see further and bigger. It also enables a high-quality of day and night surveillance.; Excellent compatible and customer service: Supports remote viewing via iOS/Android mobile devices, Windows PC, Apple Mac system and web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome supported). IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS, PLEASE SEND EMAIL TO we will try our best to help you.

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Update: I've had some trouble with this freezing so dropping the rating. I setup daily scheduled reboots via it's web interface but it doesn't seem to make it that far and you can't schedule them more frequently. In poking around a bit, I figured out how to remotely reboot them. I'm trying an hourly cron job, we'll see how that pans out. If you're so inclined, you just need to fetch the following URL via wget or curl or what have you. Replacing values as appropriate.http://:@/hy-cgi/device.cgi?cmd=sysrebootOriginal review:The picture quality for both daytime and nighttime is quite good. Used wireless initially until I got some cable run out there. It streamed at 1080p without issue.I'm using it with RTSP without issues, both with Zoneminder on a Linux machine and onvifer on and android tablet. When trying ONVIF with onvifier, I had constant disconnect problems but that may well have been a software problem.I'm not able to view the stream via a web browser on Chrome. The first view mode is ActiveX based and needs IE. I don't know what the second one is. Flash, maybe? But it doesn't work for me. It doesn't matter, but seems worth mentioning.
Some how, this thing is out of focus. I'm paying for a clear image... I mean, it's a camera, right? Its in focus for the first 6 feet or so. Anything past that is blurry.AND it's field of view is very small, maybe 60 or so degrees.UPDATE:Can't get it to maintain a decent connection. I work on networks, so no, it's not because I don't know how to set things up properly. Even the little LED on the cable isn't lighting up.UPDATE 2:I contacted them via Skype, and they're sending me another one. I'll update when the new one comes in.UPDATE 3:Got the new one, works like a charm! These guys are awesomely responsive to Skype. Just make sure you're on Beijing time. 🙂
Haven't had this too long yet. But I wanted to leave an initial review and then update later when I've had it awhile.Setup was easy and surprisingly my internet doesn't reach outside my door but the wifi from the camera still picked it up. I'm waiting on a wifi extender to see if that'll help.I was under the impression that you could record video with the motion sensor. But all it did was give you an alert and you have to record manually which means you'll miss it by then. There's no memory card slot in this model so therefore you can't record with the motion sensor.You can however use the app to view anywhere. I tried with and without internet and was able to connect. Also had a friend in a different state log into the app and she can see my video feed too. I don't have a pc so I can't comment on how pc app works because you need activex when you try from your phone browser and that's pc only.Overall this is a good starter security camera until I can save up for a wired one with a dvr so I can have the recording functions I need. I've attached a few pictures of the unit and some screenshots in the day and night from the app. The quality is great.
I was surprised at the quality of video. Much better than expected. It took me most of the day to figure out how to get it working but I finally did the right thing and suddenly I had a solid wireless picture. If you're like me with almost zero webcam knowledge--seek help early. Most things in life are "easy" when you know how to do them. I think the people who design these things think everyone knows what they know. NOW the trouble I'm having is getting my Wansview set up for viewing out of the range of my personal WiFi. The main reason I purchased this camera was so I could check on my home while away. I don't need it when I'm home. At home I can check on everything without a camera. So far I've invested about 8 hours (downloaded loads of software) and one crashed laptop (probably virus) trying to figure this out. I'll keep working on this challenge and maybe by spring I'll get it to work. Otherwise, if you just like to see your home (dog, cat, etc.) on camera--this is one of the best ways to do it
camera picture quality is great on phones and tablets. easy set up on the phone and tablets. Now to the 2 star review. the customer services Sucks. I am missing the software disk that I need for the PC the was missing from the box. I went to the website and found a link to down load the software. down loaded and nothing happens all I get is a blank white screen. Called the phone number that amazon has on the site. and no one answers the phone. if I do not get a response I am returning this camera for another manufacturer.

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