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  • Screen Size: 7.9 inches
  • Wireless Type: 802.11bgn


TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router, Up to 450Mbps (TL-WR940N)

User reviews

I don't often write reviews but read a lot of them, and wanted to put this out there to help anyone considering this router.When I was comparing different lower cost routers it seemed like every product had negative reviews and pointed out flaws, to the point where it gave me pause on buying ANYTHING at all.But bottom line this is a very good router for the price, simple to set up, and I recommend it BIGLY1. Good reception in 2000 sq foot house. I have used multiple devices and streamed video with no problem.2. SO SIMPLE to set up - right out of box, connect cord, plug in power, and use the SSID and password printed on the S/N label - no need to log in and do any configurationDo not despair upon reading all the reviews and just order this if you're looking to stay under fifty buckaroos
So far I have owned this product for a little over two months.-First, set up was extremely easy. The SSID and password printed on the S/N label, there was no need to log in or do any sort of verifying online.-Second, range has been great. In a 1,100 sq. ft. apartment we are able to connect to a full strength signal in all rooms.-Third, SPEED! I have ran both 75 mbps and 25 mbps at different times and got almost my entire internet speed both separate times. If you check the speed test I ran we are getting almost the entire 25 mbps.-Fouth, streaming. We do ALOT of streaming and internet surfing. With this router we've had two separate tv's streaming while phones and laptop were connected to the wifi as well. Not a single problem.My old router from Qwest used to crap out and we would occasionally have to unplug it and reset it. Also, it was almost impossible to stream from two TV's and use a laptop. Not anymore! This router is great. Some people in the reviews have complained about how bright the blue connection lights are, this has not been a problem for me. Granted we keep the router in the living room, but the lights have never bothered me. You can see in the picture they are not that bright.
I was fairly surprised by how clean and nice looking this modem was. I mean, the price doesn't justify, not only the performance, but the look of this thing. It's really nice looking!I bought this with ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem for Comcast. I already had a router, but I'm using that for the upstairs as a repeater. But this one, according to my quick testing, outperformed my other N router.I got 75 on WiFi on 75 service, and got over 100 wired (thanks to the Arris cable modem).I got this setup in the middle of the house on the second floor. I get service on the third floor, and the first floor. And good bit outside of the house. Definitely getting service out in the backyard deck.I can't say too much good thing about this product. I think this will be great with the Wall plug repeater option.
I purchased this along with the Arris 6141 modem to get rid of my Comcast modem and not have to pay the $10 a month to rent it. Best decision I have ever made, I am mad at myself for not doing this sooner. The wifi at my home was horrible with the Comcast modem. It was slow, always buffering, and I couldn't even use wifi in the bedrooms because it was super slow and everything took forever to load. However, this wireless router has been amazing. I have had no problems with it at all and set up was super easy too. Wifi is super fast now and I can use the wifi in my bedroom with no problems at all. Highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to replace their Comcast modem.
SO happy with this upgrade - we had a wireless router we had bought a few years ago. I know we spent over $100 on it at the time, and it served us well. But with lots of family members streaming constantly, and our only option for internet a 10Mbps DSL plan, every bit counts. And I was noticing with a speedtest that my computer would actually get about 11Mbps WIRED speed, but rarely over 3Mbps wireless from our old router, from maybe 10 feet across the room.So it was time to look for an upgrade. When I saw this model come up for what I thought was a crazy low price of $30 (reg $50 it said) but with mostly great reviews... I was dubious but hopeful. And I've not been disappointed, Setup was super easy, and I went from a wireless speed of 3.7 with old router, to 10.5 just 2 minutes later, all else being equal, with this new router.Best $30 I've spent in a long time, for sure!
My six year old Netgear router started messing up on me restarting sometimes getting stuck restarting, but hey I paid $60, it ran its course.This new routers range is so much better than my Netgear, it covers my 1000 square foot trailer and my one acre property easy, I'm even able to access the wifi in the neighbors home. Which is great so I can cut down on mobile data usage when I'm out.I'm using the modem with Time Warner Cable standard Internet, 15 megabits down, 1 megabit up. At speedtest.net it shows I'm getting getting the speed I paid for. The network speeds however are much faster when performing phone back ups via WiFi or file sharing via WiFi, network speeds are about 100 to 140 megabits, my last router could only achieve about 40 to 60 megabits, and it would very rarely drop down to 5 megs. Phone backups, file sharing, take noticeably less time. Major plus.The router was ship with out of date firmware. so I had to update it myself. It wasn't that hard, the instructions are in the modem under "System"Tools" upgrade firmware. My last router cost me 60 bucks and this one is only $20, and the range is much further and network speeds are faster. I highly recommend this router to anybody, its a great one.

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