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PUT YOUR MIND AT EASE when you are away at work, traveling, or gone for a night out. Easily see pets, children at home, or any abnormalities like break-ins or thieves. This camera gives you a very clear HD quality 80 degree wide angle. It sends the picture directly to your phone or computer via easy to configure Wifi. When the alarm is triggered, you get a notification via email or FTP. This technology provides amazing, cutting-edge security in a very small footprint most people will never notice. And we've made this in stylish WHITE!

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This is a great compact wifi camera. Just be sure if you have issues connecting to the camera through wifi, that your password doesn't contain any special characters, I was having issues connecting so I came to read the comments - then I removed my wifi special characters password and was able to quickly get it installed after that. I can now spy on my dogs during the day while I am at work. The quality video when in a well lighted area is amazing! This also has a microphone so you can listen to the footage, and you have the option to talk from your phone to the camera. The set up process is very simple, you scan the QR code in the instruction booklet, then there is another qr code on the camera to scan during set up. There are 2 different installation booklets, one that is more in depth and then a simply one. This can be mounted to the wall or desk/counter top.
I read the other reviews so I had a leg up, and had no difficulty linking this camera after eliminating special characters from our WiFi and pressing the rest button for 10 seconds before adding the camera to the iSmartView application. I would like something with more bells and whistles like recording and live feed video, but for the price it serves the purpose of acting as a video doorbell and watching over or deliveries. I have to play with it a bit more, as the instructions are minimal both on paper and in-app. Will update my review with any significant findings.*Screenshot of camera image in photos below
This little wifi camera is great. Its easy to set up and I had it working in no time. Keep in mind the instructions can be hard to understand and the password can be a little annoying. All around great product to keep an eye on the kids when I'm not home and its always fun to check in on them while at work. I would definitely recommend this product for the price.
It Is exactly what I was looking for route are not in the baby monitoring fees of robots anymore but I do have cameras around and I like this can connect to my phone and I kind of like an nannycam when I’m not around - Set up couldn’t of been easier and I really like all the functions this has
Nice peace of mind for not that much!! Quick set up and clear picture. I love having it for keeping an eye on the kiddos in the next room! The app is also easy to use, so you don't have to be good with devices to be able to use this. So helpful!
It's a good camera. the video quality is pretty good. the only problem I had is that it does not record videos.
Great little camera, clear picture just doesn't have night mode but where I use it no problem for me.I did have a little problem syncing with my phone but it synced very easy with tablet and then the phone synced immediately

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