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Amcrest NV4108E-HS-IP4M-1026EW4 / PoE NVR NV4108E-HS / Records 8-Channels @ 4K - Supports Up to 6TB (Hard Drive Not Included) / Easy QR Code Smartphone Access / Access via standard web-browsers on MAC & PC / VGA & HDMI Output / ONVIF Compliant / Backup to External Storage via USB / 4 x Amcrest 4MP POE Security Bullet Cameras IP4M-1026EW (White) / Wide 118° FOV / Night Vision Up to 98ft / Smart Motion Alerts PACKAGE INCLUDES :

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Best addition to my home Amcrest WiFi camers! No issues and it has been recording for 7 weeks straight, restarts fine after power outage. Now I need to buy an UPS for my NVR and cameras.The wife uses the HDMI GUI and IE and Android GUI. I did try the Windows Amcrest application but I prefer the web GUII am able to download videos from 7 weeks ago at 1080P with no issues both locally and over the internet.Setup was easy enough for the wife. She installed a 4TB hard drive and plugged it in to our home network. After that I took over remotely from 3,000 miles away by first with a remote login to a networked PC at home and using IE browser to login to my home router to get the IP address of the NVR. Then I used the NVR IP to login with the default username/password. After I was connected to the NVR I added our 3-1080p wifi cameras (updated the login info because it defaulted the password that was set by the oem.I also update the internal and external HTTP/S ports (I didn't like the default ports).Setup port forwarding in my Modem and then my router.One note: I had to change the Audio that my cameras provided. After that I was able to hear.Don't forget to change the default user name and password for your cameras and NVR.Also the Android app is nearly plug and play. Enter the Serial number in the app and it will connect via P2P. ( I'm not sure I like the P2P method)FYI: the IE11 Web GUI needs some work if you don't use the default 100% zoom settings in windows. See attached photos.Comment if you have questions about the web GUI
 I purchased Amcrest NV4108 1080p Network Video Recorder to store local recording for my Amcrest IP camreas. Amcrest does offer cloud storage but there is a monthly fee if I want to save longer video from more than 1 camera so the most practical choice would be getting a local video recorder.The package includes Amcrest NV4108 NVR, USB Mouse, Network Cable, Power Supply, User Manual, and Quick Start Guide CD. For initial setup, a monitor or TV with VGA/HDMI port is required. Do note that VGA/HDMI cable aren't included in the package. In order to save recording locally, a hard drive is required and should be supplied by the user. The unit is usable without hard drive and the only thing missing is recording. To setup NV4108, I connect network cable, power cable, and my monitor to it. NOTE that default resolution for NVR is 1280x1024 so make sure monitor/TV in use can display this resolution otherwise there will just be a blank screen. There are POE ports available in the back of NV4108 if you're using POE cameras. For me, I'm using WiFi IP cameras so I only need to connect to my network. After booting up, NV4108 have new user setup to walk user through initial settings such as reset password, set IP and time...etc. After that there will be a screen to setup existing IP cameras and if you own Amcrest or Foscam IP camera, NV4108 should be able to find them automatically. User can also setup other IP camera supporting ONVIF standard manually. Please see my video for GUI walk-through. To control NV4108, user can either use the on-device buttons or the included mouse.PROs:- Easy setup for Amcrest IP camera owners. NV4108 also supports "Amcrest Pro View" app for live view/ video playback.- NV4108 supports 8 IP cameras at 1080p/3MP/4MP/5MP Resolution. It provides a neat overview screen and user can adjust 1/4/8 cameras per page or a tour mode which works like slide shows. There is OSD for each camera to display Camera Name, Time, Motion Detection, Video Loss, Lock, and Record Status Icons.- Camera settings and controls are accessible through NV4108's GUI. This saves time as I don't have to manually log into each camera to make adjustments and PTZ control.- Motion alert notification will be shown on the overview screen as well. Recording, PTZ, Tour, Video Push, Email, FTP, and Buzzer alarm modes are available. Note that motion alert signal is sent from camera, not by NV4108.- Once initial setup is done. I can simply login to NV4108 through web browser on PC or APP on Android/iPhone. NV4108 can be stored inside closet and become hidden. All it needs are network and power connection.- Quite operation. I didn't hear much noise except hard drive spinning. There is no fan on the device.NOTE:- This unit requires Ethernet connection. There is no built-in WiFi.- Somehow I can only get IE to work with the plugin to log in NV4108. Chrome doesn't respond to it when I tried. I'll try more and report back.- The network port only supports 10/100mb speeds.- The USB port can be connected to external hard drive but it's only used for backup configurations/settings/existing recordings. NV4108 can't record directly onto external hard drive.
This review is posted across all the products in this system because this is a system review rather than just one of the pieces.I purchased the bullet camera, in black, from a Deal of the Day to see if it would be a good candidate to replace my 7 year old Lorex system. I have since purchased one dome (956) and two bullet (943) cameras in white, along with their 4108 NVR. My application is for outdoor use only to monitor my property. I like them enough to replace my 640x480 wireless Lorex system that had a DVR and three cameras. Going from 640x480 to 2304x1296 is a gain of about 9x in number of pixels. The colors from Amcrest is more saturated and is adjustable but I've left them as they came.These are the things I don't like about Amcrest:1. Setting up the cameras is always a lesson in frustration and it may be partly my fault since I keep thinking I need to use the password I want to use instead of the default first. I always start with Ethernet configuration but the wifi name never seem to be listed. So I switch back and forth between Ethernet and Wifi configuration until I get to work with Ethernet.2. Lack of clear documentation sucks. Plain and simple. This leads to most of the things I don't like about the system.3. The event/motion setup on the Android mobile app setup is confusing. The meaning of the icons is not obvious. The "hand" one doesn't seem to do anything. So I just use the PC or Mac Surveillance Pro program or the the NVR setup instead which gives me four mask settings.4. The interface between platforms isn't in sync.a. There is limited functionality in the mobile app as compared to the programs and NVR interface.b. Rotation of the camera view on the mobile app is a nightmare with its confusing icons. Clear in Surveillance Pro on the PC. Clear via the NVR interface. Missing on the Mac.c. Night vision enable/disable is clear on the app but does not seem to be available in Surveillance Pro on the PC or Mac. It's available on the NVR but is more complicated.d. Main video stream disable/enable is only available on the mobile app., but for some reason while setting the video stream parameters on the Mac, one of my cameras' main video stream was disabled. I only found out that was the problem using the mobile app because I can connected to the camera but get no video on the NVR, which defaults to the main video stream while the mobile app defaults to the substream video and I get video on the app but not the NVR!e. Because my purpose is for outdoor applications, the motion event blocks are too large. I wish they were smaller. So my threshold setting is low, 1 - 4 most of the time, depending on how close I want to trigger a motion event.5. On the dome camera, because there is the dome, car or street lights create a streak in the image. Headlights will set off a motion event.6. On the dome camera, limited angle adjustment vs. the bullet camera. I mounted mine upside down on a horizontal surface so the angle will only give me so much sky because of this limitation. Your mileage may vary depending on how it's mounted.7. No mobile, 2.5", hard drive mounting capability in the NVR.8. Event viewing is a bit clunky across all platforms. Worst via the NVR interface. But I've learned to deal with it. If there are any glitches in the playback, it's in how it was recorded, not the device's fault. Verified it when I extracted the video and played it on the PC.9. Selecting the camera to view as the main screen during playback on the mobile app can be challenging. Must be the sensitivity of the app. This affects the bottom disappearing menu that doesn't seem to have a clear way to display in landscape mode once it goes away. All I do is turn the phone to portrait to get it back before rotating the phone back to landscape.No system is perfect but I love my new Amcrest system. The one problem I had initially was with the mobile app but it turned out it was caused by the crowded 2.4 GHz channel my router was using. Whenever I added a camera, the app would only connect to the latest camera. Very frustrating. When I was away, like at work, I couldn't connect up to any cameras. So with a free network analyzer app, I found that in my house channels 1, 6, and 11 were the crowded channels. After setting my router to use channel 3, all my connection issues went away and have been perfect ever since for over a week.These are the things I love about Amcrest:1. Storage of recordings the way I want. On microSD or NVR, or both. My number two on the list.2. Files storage is very efficient. Over ten days with four cameras, it's used 29 GB of space with aggressive motion detection. I have a 160 GB mobile hard drive in the NVR. I won't need to purchase terabyte hard drives for this application. I use mobile hard drives because they are quieter than desktop hard drives.3. High resolution. Much higher than my Lorex cameras.4. Clear, saturated color picture.5. IP67 with all the o-rings and gaskets included. The one for the antenna is to got outside on the male end rather than inside the female end. But I've used it in the female end just fine. I also use silicone tape to make sure everything is water tight.6. Wide view at 100 degrees, much wider than my old Lorex, which was less than 60 degrees, I believe.7. Ease of mounting. Dome camera came with a template. Bullet camera is all connected as one.8. Reasonable price. They are about half the price as my old Lorex cameras which were prone to disconnection. No disconnections or resets have been required thus far.9. Cameras can be set up to auto sync for time at an interval of your choosing. Same with the NVR.10. Cameras can set set up to automatically change for Daylight Saving. Same with the NVR.11. Auto-maintenance to reset the the cameras at an interval of your choosing. Same with the NVR.12. Auto-maintenance to delete files at an interval of your choosing. Same with the NVR. I set mine to delete after 30 days.13. Customizable almost everything like bit rate and frame rate, video flip, mirror, and rotate, color saturation, night mode auto or off, color or black and white. Hard wire Ethernet or wireless. Naming of the channels, though it's a little obscure and one field is local to the application used rather than a global setting. Again, documentation will go a long way in understanding how that actually works.14. Although playback is a bit clunky, it's much better than my old Lorex system which was in list format over multiple pages. This is in a timeline format much like you'd see with the Nest but not as easy to select.15. Not affected by the brightness of the sun. My old Lorex camera would go on the fritz just with the sun reflecting off the lawn, with most of the picture showing solid blocks of color, triggering motion events continuously. It was worst with snow on the ground.16. Solidly built cameras. Feels very high quality.17. Most importantly, it's reliable. Every morning when I turn on the monitor, there are my four cameras working with synchronized time.I have a four camera system because I liked the cameras and picture quality so much. With the Lorex, three cameras was all I could put up with. Plus, they were expensive. It was a "good enough" system. Now I have a great system that's pleasing to view at a great price point.
Works great. Set up however is a bit tricky instructions should be clear in user manual.

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