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DericamDedicated to Bringing You the most Reliable, Innovative, Affordable Security CamerasThis 1080P Home wireless security camera supports Micro-SD card up to 128GB, and can store motion detection alarm events recording over 45 days at 16GB space. It is totally free of charge compared to the method of cloud recording which charges high monthly fees. You can also setup a FTP web server or NAS to store the alarm snapshots and recordings as a free secure private cloud server instead of paying very expensive monthly subscription to the manufacturer's cloud servers which are of high risk to be hacked, disclosed, captured, forwarded and broadcastedFeatures:- Camera comes with 2.5db and an extra 5dBi stronger detachable antenna,which will bring camera more stable WiFi connection and bigger WiFi coverage area.- 2.0 Megapixel 1080P Video resolution at 1920x1080- Embedded with 10 powerful IR-LEDs for night vision range up to 26feet- Supports remote rotation control, Pan 350 & Tilt 120 degree- Supports NVR, Synology NAS and Blue Iris softwarePackage Includes:1x 1080P Wi-Fi PT Camera 1x Network Cable1x Mount Bracket1x Power Adapter1x CD-ROM1x Quick User Guide1x 2.5dBi standard Antenna1x 5dBi extra Stronger AntennaNote:1)This is NOT a battery-powered camera.2)It is required to connect this camera with your router via Ethernet cable for the first installation. Once the setup is finished, the Ethernet cable could be removed and camera will work via WiFi connection.

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We have been looking for a wireless security camera for our home for quite some time now. We purchased one at Costco but took it back because it didn’t do what we wanted it to do. I found this one that does everything we need. It’s small so not real noticeable and takes up very little space. It was very easy to hook up and worked on the first try. After installing the app, it worked perfectly and the pictures/images are so clear that you would think you are right there. We will be able to check on the house any time we want to now, panning the area and watching all upstairs entrances. The only thing I wish it had was a longer cord to plug it in. We want to put it on the mantle but the cord isn’t quite long enough so will have to use an extension. I’m sure this will work perfectly for us.
Haven't put it through all the paces yet, but so far, I'm very impressed with the quality. Need to try it with my own remote server, for image storage (nice that it can do this). It has a pretty broad set of capabilities, so hard to really test them all, all I can test are the ones I use. Image quality is rock solid. Being that I work 50 miles from where I live, I probably should have bought one sooner, but most of them are so expensive. Very pleased with the price and the value here.
What a great little camera. It was so easy to setup. Downloaded the app on my phone and the rest was simple. Easy to pan, tilt, zoom and focus. Picture is clear and crisp. I like the wireless feature, no data cables to fool with. I had an Iris camera and could not get it to pair when the hubs were updated. This camera paired with no problems. I also like how I can capture still pictures or take a video. Small design and easy to place in hidden areas since I will be using this as a security camera. Still learning all the features of this great little camera, I would recommend this for friends or family members.
Video is exceptional, but the audio needs some work. The pc software is very cumbersome. In my opinion, it would benefit the buyer to be a little Tech savvy.. This really isn't a bad camera for the money, I'm going to get another.
This is an excellent camera for the money. The picture is clear and is definitely 1920 HD. The mobile app works very well, and does not lag much at all, even over mobile networks (for best results set the HD button in the app to "fluent" as opposed to "clear"). The IR LED picture is great and the IR trigger is responsive. One of the best features of this camera is the ability to speak and hear through it. In addition to the mobile app, the camera has a built in webserver with a control interface. You can record video to an SD card or directly to an FTP server, or through the desktop app. You can set up motion alarms that will trigger recordings and email you when the camera detects movement. You can even schedule times when the motion detection is active. (although not through the mobile app.. more on this in a second.) You can also set the movement sensitivity, although you can't designate specific areas to watch for movement.There are some downsides, but they're not too bad. More like... quirky:- There are some settings that exist in the web interface that aren't present in the mobile app (Motion detection schedule, CBR/VBR settings, keyframes, IR cut threshold, camera display name and timestamp, time sync server, audio codec, etc...). although the mobile app video is faster and doesn't lag nearly as much as the video that comes through the webserver. The desktop app has no lag whatsoever, but isn't really as mobile. My advice is to set the camera up via the web interface, and use the camera through the app or the desktop program.- Storing a camera position is great, but it's too easy within the mobile app to accidentally hit "set" instead of "call" and wipe out your preset.- There's no option to record scheduled recordings directly to FTP. You have to record the scheduled recordings to the SD card.- Some of the wording in the mobile app, webserver and desktop program is confusing, but if you take a little time to explore it becomes apparent what they're meant to do. (Although I still don't understand the difference between 'baseline' vs 'mainprofile' in the 'videocoding' setting on the webserver)- The recordings are stored in the obscure .264 file format. You can get a converter program to change them to another video format, but it's irritating to have to do this. (though you can download the recordings directly to your mobile device through the app, and from there they are rendered in a common format.)Are these oversights frustrating? Yes. Are they insurmountable? Not at all. If this were a $300 camera I would tell you to pass on it, but for this price this is an absolutely excellent buy.
Considering the price, I'm really blown away at how good this camera is! Inside the box you get the camera, 2 WiFi antennas, an Ethernet cable, wall mount, and mounting hardware. Set up is a breeze. All you have to do is connect the camera to your network using the included Ethernet cable, install the app on your phone or tablet, scan for the camera, go through a couple of simple steps on your phone, and then you can disconnect the Ethernet cable and the camera will remain connected via WiFi. The smartphone app is very intuitive and easy to use. You just choose the camera you want to view from the list and then swipe the screen in the direction you want the camera to move. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this camera to someone looking for an indoor security camera or baby monitor.
I received my wireless security camera as described. The set up was quick and surprisingly easy to install! Instructions are included for android and iPhone devices, we used our iPad. I received my order quickly and would purchase from seller again!

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